Key Takeaways

With in-person interactions snatched away from us almost entirely in 2020

A global test we wouldn’t have been able to run without the pandemic. It’s been made clear that people want more personal, human experiences wrapped up in their tech. Putting the humanity back into our apps, video conferencing services, subscriptions and other platforms and tools is now paramount.

As a leading Human Experience company powered by one of the world’s largest digital consultancies, Infosys and WONGDOODY decided to do some research to find out how Australian and New Zealand consumers feel about their newfound digital lives – and what their greatest demands are for the future.
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Digital fatigue is surprisingly low

Personalisation has gone from a nice-to-have to a requirement

Speed and ease of online interactions profoundly affects brand loyalty

Humour, empathy and spontaneity are what people miss most

You can’t fix everything with another bot

Customers want to be involved in designing the solution