Here are our top 5 recommendations for companies moving forward into an HX-led market

One-sided services no longer

Greater connectivity, integration, interactivity and prediction are on the cards. Far from the “digital detoxes” of 2018, tech has been our friend in 2020 and there’s signs in this study that people want a much closer bond. So, give them a way to exercise that friendship with apps or services. Let them personalise, interact and feel their experience is theirs to own. Technology might have become a commodity, but tech that incorporates culture, creativity and real human strategy will make all the difference.

Design around real underlying needs, not just what people are asking for

If chat bots aren’t working for your customers, the root human insight is that there’s unanswered queries frustrating your customers. In this instance it might be that offering more human contact is imperative while your chatbots advance, perhaps through observing and learning from these human interactions. At WONGDOODY, we focus on the human problem that must be solved – not just the technology problem.

Don’t always turn to tech as the answer

Focusing on HX can often shift a business problem into a human problem with a tech-driven solution. In this study, consumers call out more human interaction as a drawcard for a brand, and also preferred quick human contact over rapid digital contact for troubleshooting, suggesting there are some problems you can solve with people, not another chat bot. 2020 has given us all better clarity on where digital fits in our lives, and we now have the opportunity to better control that narrative.

Forget agility, it’s immediacy now

The pace of change will never be this slow again. For businesses this means a move away from “last year’s innovation is today’s expectation” to “last month’s innovation is today’s expectation”. You’re going to have to move fast, and distinctly. Make sure you’ve got the internal and external processes set up to manage the ongoing evolution. This is where EX plays a big role – you’ve got to focus on your internal human experience if you’re going to keep talent engaged and able to turn the cogs quickly. After all, they’re real humans doing the job.

Be the first or the only

‘Digital Sameness’ is pervasive and prevents consumers from distinguishing one experience from another. Just as no two humans are the same, no two digital offerings should be either. The world is too saturated with tech tools for everyone to keep flooding the market with the same old things. If you can’t beat ‘em, don’t join ‘em. Start your own revolution instead.