The Sounding Board

At WONGDOODY, making tech more human is quite literally our bread and butter. Our expertise lies in finding better ways to connect with customers through reimagining the human experience of digital interfaces. We hope the following insights help direct your energy into the right places over the coming months as your own HX strategy evolves.

This research was conducted via WONGDOODY’s proprietary research and insights tool The Sounding Board, powered by Infosys. The agile platform allows us to quickly create custom communities of real people so we can inform the human experiences we build.




New Zealanders

Aged from 20-65

In market from 19/11/2020 through 30/11/2020
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WONGDOODY is a Human Experience (HX) company powered by INFOSYS.

What is HX exactly?

Back in 2019, when we were happily oblivious about what was to come, everyone was talking about improving the customer experience (CX). Don’t get us wrong, CX remains crucial. So does user experience (UX), especially when customers are directed solely to digital interfaces to get their brand fix. And if you’re not yet on the employee experience (EX) train, you may be falling short of being a modern employer of choice.

But what we’re really seeing during COVID-19 is that none of these acronyms can ever truly thrive alone.

You need all three, plus a bit of human creativity, to really improve the experience of a digital world.


think CX is important to brand loyalty


increase in revenue when brands get CX right


Customer Experience

Experience is now the top differentiator. Is yours keeping up? We design and build personal, human experiences that elevate your brand, retail and digital ecosystems.


User Experience

Our UX practice aligns business strategy with human insights and creativity in order to craft relevant, intuitive digital experiences that drive revenue and loyalty.


Employee Experience

Your employees are your most valuable asset. We reimagine processes, platforms and purpose at work in order to create digital experiences that improve retention, save time, and increase efficiency.